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Tiles Inspiration and Designs

 Porcelain tiles are the best choice for the floor. There is a wide range of varieties in the market.  The digital floor tiles are the most beautiful when they are coordinated in the design style of the house, according to the color, size of the tiles, paint of the house, the color of the ceiling. No matter how you do it, the home will still have the highest construction efficiency. The tiles are produced using nano enamel coating technology, which not only provides a beautiful surface. Thanks to the bonding stability of silicon nanoparticles. It also has anti-fouling properties and is better self-cleaning than conventional tiles. The antibacterial capacity of nano-glazed tiles is an advantage that helps make this type of tile increasingly popular. The antimicrobial properties of the surface will help eliminate bacterial growth that often occurs in moist areas. Guarantee safety for the health of users.   Wear resistance is an outstanding advantage in the properties of granite tiles. T