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 Porcelain tiles are the best choice for the floor. There is a wide range of varieties in the market. The digital floor tiles are the most beautiful when they are coordinated in the design style of the house, according to the color, size of the tiles, paint of the house, the color of the ceiling. No matter how you do it, the home will still have the highest construction efficiency.

The tiles are produced using nano enamel coating technology, which not only provides a beautiful surface. Thanks to the bonding stability of silicon nanoparticles. It also has anti-fouling properties and is better self-cleaning than conventional tiles. The antibacterial capacity of nano-glazed tiles is an advantage that helps make this type of tile increasingly popular. The antimicrobial properties of the surface will help eliminate bacterial growth that often occurs in moist areas. Guarantee safety for the health of users. 

Wear resistance is an outstanding advantage in the properties of granite tiles. The shine of the tile is achieved through a natural polish. Not the glaze on the surface like ceramic tiles. After a period of use, other ceramic tile lines often experience problems such as enamel peeling with granite tiles, the more you use, the higher the shine. As such, it doesn't just improve aesthetics. The product also helps save optimal cleaning and cleaning time for users.

The beautiful digital wall tiles featured in the article will definitely help home finishing homeowners have easier options.

Another outstanding feature of granite tiles is nano enamel, nano polish coating technology. These are all class technologies in today's tiles making industry. With this application, the products are all of the international standard quality.

Keep in mind that when choosing wall tiles or floor tiles such as porcelain tiles for the living room, for the facade, or any space in the house, you should also choose truly elegant wall tiles. 

There are two ways to combine beautiful coatings: the first is to combine the with the floor, the color of the ceiling and the second way is to combine the tiles upside down.

Thanks to the homogeneous structure from the skeleton to the surface. That scratch resistance in granite is superior to other tiles. Impact cracks will be perfectly "hidden". Scratch-resistant, making cleaning and cleaning more convenient. Because don't worry about scratching the surface. Make sure to maintain the aesthetics of architectural works.

It is also thanks to the previous process that the bone structure of the tiles is dense, without capillary holes. So, tiles waterproofing is absolutely effective. Especially with tropical, monsoon climate. Using granite tiles for paving is the optimal option. Because the ability to absorb water in the tiles is almost absent. Therefore, the phenomenon of perspiration on tiles in wet weather will be completely overcome by granite or signs of moss, mold will not appear on the surface of the tile.

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Know the types of granite tiles from, If divided according to the surface, there are 3 main types of granite tiles. Each line of tiles has its own characteristics, suitable for each user's purpose.



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